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Alexandra Arabians


The farm is forever changing and change is always a good thing. We have worked very hard to design our facility to be user friendly, and I am proud to say we have accomplished that job. Our Kindergarten Program and Horsemanship Program are working very well for everyone. Our facility offers many services to our clients and we are honored to help them with their equine needs.

My passion for breeding has not changed one little bit. Losing JK SPARTAN was devastating to all of us. He was our foundation and he blessed us by fulfilling all the dreams we had for his foals. Although he is gone, my hope and dreams are now with his get. I plan to breed his daughters and now that we have his National Champion son, MISHAAH, home we have plans to breed to this incredible stallion. What is life, without those babies in the spring time?

Like most of you, I used to send my horses out for training, conditioning or basic handling. Having the conditioning and handling under my own roof has been an education. Now I know why it takes a fair amount of time to achieve our goals. It is a tremendous amount of work and the timing must be perfect. I have learned to respect Rufus Vidrio, he is doing an outstanding job. It is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination. So, those of you that have horses away from home, give your handler a break. These devoted people go the extra mile for you and for your horses.

I love having my horses at home and watching their progress on a daily basis. I am able to see our horses change before my very eyes. It is amazing what a bath, a clip job and some good manners will do for your horses. Best of all, the horses go through this process with wonderful attitudes and a willingness to please. They are truly "happy campers" and actually like their humans. What a concept! This is a major plus in my book.

I am a very lucky woman. I have an incredible husband that supports my passion for the Arabian horse. I was blessed with a wonderful stallion, JK SPARTAN. Although he is no longer with us, his spirit remains here forever. We feel SPARTAN’S spirit every day. All we have to do is watch his magnificent son, MISHAAH. We have three of his beautiful daughters that have produced champions for us, just like their dad. I have a beautiful private facility that is enjoyed by all that come here. I have wonderful friends and relatives that support our passion for these horses, and I have been blessed with an incredible staff that are loyal and trustworthy. It does not get much better than this, I promise you.

- Sandy Markoff